Please read our updated policy on our social distancing and sanitization procedures.

We will be implementing the following guidelines for all Brew On Premise and bottling appointments.  These steps were created in the conjunction with State guidelines and local authorities to conform to social distancing and sanitization procedures.  We understand this will be new for many of our long-time brewers are required for us to operate.  We will require all guidelines be adhered to while brewing and bottling at our location. We appreciate your cooperation.

  1. Ingredients will be compiled by the brewery staff for each recipe to limit contact points in our grain room.
  2. A limit of 4 brewers per kettle or 2 bottlers per station will be the maximum allowed due to social distancing and limited space.
  3. Each station will have a designated area, participants will need to remain in while brewing or bottling.
  4. Customer bottles are again allowed to be used after being properly sanitized.
  5. Due to reduced capacity, we ask all appointments to be on time as it will affect the times of other brewers. Excessive tardiness may result in the cancelation of your appointment.

In addition to these measures for our customers we will be performing additional cleaning procedures during each session to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect equipment and high contact surfaces.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding that these new guidelines are required of us to be able to service our customers. We hope as restrictions are relaxed, we will be able to return to normal operations.  Thank you in advance for your understanding. 1